Gridens technologies offers their clients advanced energy-efficient Smart Streetlighting systems

Compared to nowadays solutions in HPS (High Pressure Sodium luminaries) energy consumption of Gridens SmartGrid streetlights can be reduced up to 90%. Maintenance costs are reduced 50 % due to LED life expectancy and online light information gathering. Additionally information about traffic intensity in the SmartGrid area can be collected.

Web application

Web application

Gridens web application is designed for managing streetlights that are implemented on the Gridens Smart Grid network.

It is possible to access the web application on any device that has an internet connection and a common web browser.

  • Street lights grouping, creation and implementation of various lighting profiles
  • Web-based HTML5 software
  • Statistics and reports for given parameters
  • Email and/or SMS notifications
Gridens Overseer 2.0 central control unit

Gridens Overseer 2.0 central control unit

Designed for communicating implemented luminaires over the web application. Sends information about the current status of the street lights back and forth over a GSM connection.

  • 14 digital inputs
  • 3 outputs
  • Expandable up to 32 modules, each up to 14 IN and 3 OUT
  • Software upgradeable over network
Gridens SmartNode 2.0 luminaire controller

Gridens SmartNode 2.0 luminaire controller

Dimming unit for luminaires. Designed in the principles of minimal energy consumption and long lifespan.

  • Max 1W power consumption
  • AES128 encrypted security protocol
  • More than 300m working distance with external antenna
  • Possible to use without external antenna

Payoff Period

From 3 - 4 years

To use yesterday's technology today is disadvantageous. Instead of making a decision based on how cheap some product is in the moment, the client should think about how benefitial the investment would be. This is why Gridens SmartGrid is the right choice to make when you're thinking about getting something that saves more money!